Our Ministries

Zion's Community Outreach Board brings Zion into the local community and "Share Christ" with our neighbors. Zion's goal is to become a community church and you have the opportunity to make this a reality.                   

Zion has a long and prominent 105-year history in Anaheim, California The organization was established in 1905 and, by God's continuing grace, is still equally entrepreneurial, vibrant, and passionate today.

Our Schools

Zion inspires tomorrow's leaders TODAY!
Zion has well-qualified and credentialed faculty and staff committed to delivering rich and rigorous academics.                  

About Zion

Our Belief

Zion is a Christian church whose beliefs find their roots firmly planted in God's word. The key to growing deeper in a relationship with Him is found in the pages of His letter to us, the Bible.                      

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Our Purpose

Zion is a living church rooted in Anaheim, California striving to be an outpost of service to our community and the world.                   

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